Patch Notes 1.0.6

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Happy Patch Day, Adventurers!

We're excited to share with you all the details of our latest update, Patch 1.0.6! It's a big one, full of the features the community has greatly anticipated, and we can't wait for you all to dive right in!

A big thank you to each of you for your patience and support as we work tirelessly to make Ravendawn better every week. Your feedback has been incredibly valuable, continuing to point us to the parts of Ravendawn that need our attention the most. We've tackled some hefty challenges, but we're committed to improving the game with each update.

So, what's new? Let's get into it!

Level Progression Changes

We've noticed the grind has been real, especially for our casual players who can only join us for a couple of hours a day. Initially, we aimed for a slower progression to keep things balanced, but it's clear we need to adjust.

To make your journey more enjoyable, we're introducing several updates, including Daily Free Milk Teas, Land Ownership Changes, and adjustments to Creature Strength Progression. Check below!


The wait is over! Medium & Large Community Lands are finally here in Patch 1.0.6!

These additional Community Lands come with the same upfront and ongoing costs as their Open World counterparts. Open World Land is roughly 5% larger than Community Land.

Land Ownership Changes

We heard your concerns about balancing Land ownership with the introduction of Medium & Large Community Land. With this update, players will now be able to own up to three pieces of land ー one of each size! However, the rule of owning just one piece of Open World land still applies. What this means is if you own a Small Open World land, you will only be able to own a Medium & Large Community Land. If you own a Large Open World Land, you will only be able to own a Small & Medium Community Land.  

You will also now have up to 3 houses you are able to decorate, upgrade, and customize! While you will benefit from the bonus of rooms in multiple houses, you will not be able to stack the same room-type bonus from multiple houses.

With this change to Land Ownership, it means players will also be able to produce, as well as gain a larger amount of experience from their Land. This is intended, as we feel the value of materials on the market is consistently very high for their crafting output. Additionally, we want to see a slightly larger sense of progression for Casual players through their land usage.

Sneak Peak: We have many more room-types coming in the near future as well for Housing!


Based on significant feedback on the “Strength Progression” in Ravendawn, we have made some changes to it.

Starting from Level 30, creatures will scale slightly differently from before, making your journey through Ravendawn feel more rewarding as you grow stronger. These adjustments also mean players will see faster Experience & loot from grinding creatures in Ravendawn.

While these changes will be noticeable, we will continue to finetune our changes based on data collected over the few days post-patch.  


Meet the newest beverage addition to the Ravendawn: Milk Tea!  

Available from the Bartender at the Tavern in Ravencrest, this tasty beverage is obtained for 4,000 silver and boosts your next 50,000 Experience by 20%, for a total of 10,000 Experience.  

Additionally, players Legacy Level 20 and above will receive up to 3 Soulbound Milk Teas daily based on their Legacy Level when they login.


With Patch 1.0.6, we are thrilled to unveil a new system in Ravendawn called Culling Spawns.

These are random, temporary enhancements to existing Level 40+ spawns that will cause them to drop a new inventory item known as Culled Eyes. Culled Eyes can be obtained through traditional looting methods. However, similar to Tradepacks, if you die while in possession of Culled Eyes, they will drop and leave behind a bag that other players can pick up. You will not receive any Infamy for killing a player carrying Culled Eyes.

Players can collect Culled Eyes and turn them in to any Rangers Company Quartermaster for a significant reward of Experience and Dawn Essence. While holding Culled Eyes, players will be prohibited from using Teleportation and Shrines.

The quantity of Culled Eyes a player is carrying will be displayed under their nameplate, similar to the visibility of Tradepacks. This ensures that the potential loot others can gain from you is clear to all.

There is a daily turn-in limit of 200 Culled Eyes, after which the rewards of Experience and Dawn Essence will diminish to prevent mass boosting. This limit is set conservatively to begin with, and we may adjust it based on its impact.

The rewards from Culled Eyes ー Experience and Dawn Essence ー are subject to adjustments based on ongoing data analysis to ensure balance.

Notably, Culled Eyes cannot be stored in your bank, ensuring no advantage is gained by those with Mobile Bank Munks.


To introduce further risk but also higher reward for Fishers in Ravendawn, Patch 1.0.6 will introduce a new Legendary Fish mechanic. During Ocean Fishing, players will have a 1% chance of catching a Legendary version of a fish. While these Legendary Fish will pose the same challenge to catch as their normal counterparts, they will be valued at 2500% the normal amount of silver.

However, in a manner similar to Culled Eyes, if a player dies while in possession of any Legendary Fish, these fish will automatically be dropped for others to claim. This adds an additional layer of risk to Fishing, as players must ensure they safely transport these valuable catches to prevent loss, but will be more significantly rewarded for doing so. The quantity of Legendary Fish a player is carrying will also be visible on their nameplate, akin to Culled Eyes, making the value of their current haul apparent to others.

Furthermore, for those who prefer not to engage with this added level of risk and reward, there will be an option to drop (destroy) a Legendary Fish from your inventory.



We have increased the base Silver yield from all fish by 15%. Additionally, players will now drop minimum 10 regular fish instead of 5 upon death.

While we believe that a more substantial buff than the introduction of Legendary Fish and a 15% general increase in Silver is warranted for Fishing, we are planning to introduce an enhancement soon that will allow the use of various types of Bait during Fishing. Given this upcoming feature, we have chosen not to increase the buff to Fishing by more than 15%, as Bait will offer a significant additional benefit to the activity.


Recently, we announced that Infamy gained from killing a player carrying a Tradepack would be reduced to 50% of the standard amount. We have now decided to eliminate this penalty entirely; in other words, you will not gain any Infamy for killing someone with a Tradepack in a Conflict or War Zone.

The Tradepack System was designed to offer an intentional risk/reward dynamic and foster organic PvP interactions. We believe that acquiring Infamy for killing someone with a Tradepack contradicts this objective, leading to players overlooking 95% of those carrying Tradepacks.


As previously mentioned, Ravendawn was intended to feature four regular channels and one warmode channel per world shortly after its launch, totaling ten channels at launch to accommodate the density of players in early zones. However, with our launch being significantly larger than anticipated, we quickly expanded to nearly 40 channels across two worlds to manage the influx of players and the resulting density in early-level zones.

Over time, players have spread out in levels and with that, throughout the game world's regions. Having 1,000 players on a channel in a small, low-level region poses a problem; however, 1,000 players spread across the full map is both healthy and leads to more community interactions.  

With the distribution of the player population across Ravendawn and the significant improvements in server stability and optimization since Ravendawn's launch, we are increasing the total capacity on all channels, while at the same time reducing the number of channels on Angerhorn by six and on Serafine by four, to promote a better density across the world.


A New Limited-Time Bundle has been added in Patch 1.0.6, the Cinderskull Bundle!

Click here to guarantee your Cinderskull Bundle now!

Additionally, the Trailblazer Bundle will be removed on March 12th! So if you are wanting this Bundle, make sure to scoop it up before March 12th.  


Increased the Party Experience bonus from 10% to 15% and added a +2% bonus for each additional member over the initial 2.

Unlocked the obtainment of the Two-Handed Sword Player Outfit cosmetics.

Added 10 additional unlockable Inventory and Bank rows.

Added 26 new Rangers Company tasks for Elder Coast (15 tasks) and Frost Steppes (11 tasks).

Added creatures to a cave at Crowhollow Bog ー The area was previously empty, and players can now find Rats when exploring the area.

Added two new Waypoints for Hadarak Desert ー The new Waypoints can be fount at Kabbar Palace and Dras Ashar.

Added a locked gate at the entrance to a high level respawn (Pirates) at Harbor Island.

Added an alternative way to get out of the Gazer's dungeon at Gilead.

Added a way back into the dungeon under Dras Marna after completing the Story Quest "Ghaz at the Gates".

The following Profession Passives will now be displayed on the Buff & Debuff UI when triggered: Gemstone Whisper (Mining), Swift Quarrying (Mining) and Swift Angler (Fishing).

Applied adjustments to the Coldstone Fox family, as they were below the strength it was intended for them ー Following a similar design from the other fox families, the Coldstone Cub, Kit and Ninetails had one skill changed and also received a passive skill. We also changed the effect of an area skill of the Coldstone Kit to better match the asset, and the Coldstone Ninetails are now summoning Cubs instead of Kits like it used to.

We understand many will be happy about this spawn being nerfed, and some may not like that this spawn is getting nerfed. We completely understand this, however, sometimes nerfs are absolutely required. This was especially required with the gameplay progression changes we are implementing with 1.0.6. We will make sure to be more vigilant on future spawn additions to make sure we feel they will not need future finetuning, but unfortunately finetuning things is required in a live service game.

Applied adjustments to the distribution of creatures (Coldstone Foxes) at Frosthenge, adding several higher difficulty creatures as well.

Applied adjustments to the respawns at Thickbard Woods Grove and Gloomwood, adding Elderwood Goliaths alongside the Elderwood Sentinels.

Applied adjustments to 4 Tradepacks unlocking requirements ー With this, the following Tradepacks will be automatically unlocked for both Angerhorn & Serafine: Juicers Box, Fruit Basket, Noble Delicacies and General Spices.

These Tradepacks were previously requiring a lategame farming ingredient, which was changed before the launch of Ravendawn. Because of that, these packs were originally gated to be unlocked later in the game. However, with this ingredient being removed, these packs no longer need to be gated.

Moved the NPC Anashi from Gilead to Ravencrest surroundings ー This change aims to make the NPC more accessible to the players, as it is related to a Tier 1 Player Outfit Addon.

Removed the Tradepost from Elder Coast due to its proximity to other Tradeposts, and replaced it with a new one in Dras Ashar (Hadarak Desert).

Revamped 4 items from Story Quests & Dynamic Events:

◈ Immaterial Bangle (Dynamic Event ''The Whirlwind General'') ー Changed stats given by the item from Weapon Power to Attack Power in order to make it more attractive to more players and increased it's value from 20 to 45.

◈ Dunewalker Cloak (Dynamic Event ''The Sandswept Sentinel'') ー Increased item effect duration from 12 seconds to 60 seconds. Removed the % increase of Haste for a flat value (25% to 30).

◈ Toxique N5 (Story Quest ''The Scent of Love'') ー Reworked the item to make it's effect more easily applicable while also removing the downsides from using it (self slow).

◈ Eau de Berserk (Story Quest ''The Scent of Love'') ー Removed the RNG swing of the item and reduced cooldown to make the item more reliable.

Flamelord Djinn ー Changed design from:

"Flame Tornado damage now has a 50% chance to apply a Scorch stack to the target for 8 seconds, dealing 3% (Spell Power) spell damage every second per stack, up to 3/4/5/6/7/8/9 stacks can be applied to the same target."


"Flame Tornado damage now has a 50/55/60/65/70/75/80% chance to apply a Scorch stack to the target for 8 seconds, dealing 5% (Spell Power) spell damage every second per stack, up to 6 stacks can be applied to the same target."

Our quick rebalance after Patch to Flame Tornado led to an unintended nerf to the Flamelord Djinn card. This is change is simply to adjust its design a bit to fit the new Flame Tornado.


Effort System

Due to the changes on the Community and Open World Land, we also made a couple changes on Effort to keep it up to date with the new Land System & Land Quantity players can have:

Effort Pool

The current Effort Pool will now be the sum of all your current Lands.

Effort Pool for Small Community Land

Small Community Land will have have the same Effort Pool as an Open World Small Land, upon reaching Legacy Level 25.

It will keep the base as 1200, increasing by 1200 at Legacy Levels 10 and 15, then will be increase to 16000 at Legacy Level 25.

With the addition of the Medium and Large Community Land, both will same have the same amount of Effort Pool than the Open World's version.

Effort Gain

The gain factor for Effort will now be improved when having multi lands, basically summing up all current lands divisor (used to convert the Experience in Effort).

Which basically makes so having more lands, also makes it proportionally faster to build up Effort.


Story Quests

After significant feedback from the community, we are adjusting the rewards of a few Story Quests that were incompatible with their suggested Level, additionally applying some adjustments in order to balance and match their rewards with the other Story Quests:

Haran's Contract (25) ー 12,000 EXP, 600 silver, 100 Reputation & 60 Warband Infusion.

Yeti More to Kill (50) ー 31,000 EXP, 1,550 silver, 100 Reputation & 155 Carved Infusion.

Shadows and Dead Trees (54) ー 16,000 EXP, 800 silver, 100 Reputation & 80 Carved Infusion.

Lords of Blood Part III (55) ー 58,000 EXP, 2,900 silver, 100 Reputation & 290 Carved Infusion.

Riftsand Rivalry (73) ー 8,600 EXP, 450 silver, 100 Reputation & 43 Ghostly Infusion.

Veil of Scars (73) ー 88,000 EXP, 4,400 silver, 100 Reputation & 440 Ghostly Infusion.

Sands of Conquest (73) ー 88,000 EXP, 4,400 silver, 100 Reputation & 440 Ghostly Infusion.

Players who already completed the Quests received the additional rewards retroactively.


Enchantment Runes

We are applying some adjustments in Rune Enchantments to guarantee that all Stats and Weapons are being properly covered by them:

Lesser Runes

◈ Fierce Lesser Rune of Glory ー Reduced Impact from 16 to 8.

◈ Fierce Lesser Rune of Evocation ー Increased Impact from 8 to 16.

Greater Runes

The Sharp Greater Runes listed below had their stat changed from Impact to Precision:

These Runes had the incorrect stat based on their color, leading to some to use this Impact rune expecting it to be Precision. We have corrected the stat to correctly match their color.

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Evocation

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Bravery

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Courage

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Cleaving

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Execution

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Precision

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Blunting

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Crushing

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Lethality

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Finesse

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Aegis

◈ Sharp Greater Rune of Glory

Sharp Greater Runes that increase Wisdom remained the same.


Sneak Peek of the new Waypoints at Hadarak Desert:


Minotaurs at Hoovestep Mound now have the correct level.

Protective Charm is now being properly displayed on the Market search function.

Purify is now properly visually removing Debuffs from the Buff/Debuff UI after used.

Frozen Zorian tasks (Rangers Company) around Glaceforde are now correctly working.

Steady Stance's tooltip is now correct, mentioning the ''increase'' (and not ''decrease'') of the Attack Speed.

Tradepacks are not losing the Warmode bonus value after death anymore.

The stun from the skill Fissure is now lasting the correct amount of time.

The RavenCard Emberscale Drake (Combustion) is now properly causing damage.  

Wolves at the north of Defiance are now properly counting for Rangers Company tasks.

Kaiman Ambusher can't attack players that are on ships using Spiked Chains anymore.

Fixed an issue causing new unlocked Moas to disappear.

Fixed an issue causing Breeding getting stuck and never ending.

Fixed Ring of Whispers wrongly summoning Skeleton after killing Pirate Ships.

Fixed an issue allowing to add Evil Eye Ring in the Action Bar.

Fixed a visual bug that displayed the total points on Profession Passives as X/2, while it should be 1/1.

Fixed an issue causing the item Dragonforge Rune to deal damage to the player after target death.

Fixed Exotic Relic item with "F" interaction being improperly displayed during the Quest ''Creating Value'', before the task 6.

Fixed an issue that could prevent players from progressing in the "Tuskan Trashers", during the tasks 7 to 10, while placing and cleaning up the feast.

Fixed an issue causing Orghul, from the Quest ''Under the Hall's Shadow'', to repeat the same dialogue through the entire Quest and also making the interaction with the NPC resetting the current task.

Fixing an issue making impossible to proceed on the Quest ''Under the Hall's Shadow'', task 9, when choosing Mercenary or Criminal answers.

Fixed Skeletons spawned upon interacting with the wrong basin, from the Quest ''A Cold Burial'', being spawned without level during during the task 26.


A key focus for us in version 1.0.7 and beyond will be on developing significant mid-to-late game objectives (Level 50+), with an added emphasis on group and guild-based gameplay.

Some of these objectives are already outlined on our Roadmap, such as Guild Wars, Forts, and Strongholds, all of which contribute to the compelling aspiration to become the strongest players and Guilds in Ravendawn.

In addition to these, we are concentrating on more frequent day-to-day objectives, including consistent group-based boss challenges, world boss events, dungeons, and Aether Gates (PvE+PvP 1v1 – and possibly 2v2 – events).

We are also introducing a highly requested feature to the Rangers Company Tasks: the ability to share your task with your group!

We acknowledge that there is still much to enhance in Ravendawn to ensure it stands as a formidable MMORPG for years to come. With a strong base and foundation, having attracted far more players than we could have ever anticipated.

Your continued patience and trust in the game we are developing are deeply appreciated. We assure you that your feedback is valued, and we are continually shaping the game based on that community input.


Adventure awaits!

The Ravendawn Team