Patch Notes

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

With Patch 1.0.6 (our sixth significant update in less than 2 months since the Release!), we introduced several exciting new features to enhance the gameplay experience, such as the Medium & Large Community Land, Culling Spawns, Legendary Fish and more!

Now, while we cook what's coming for 1.0.7 and beyond (such as Guild Wars, Forts, Strongholds and more), we are thrilled to roll out a minor but very important update that aims to finetune and balance some systems ー and, of course, fix some bugs!  

Recognizing the importance of having frequent updates, Patch (aptly named as an extension of .6) stands as our dedication to delivering the best gaming experiences for all!

Let's get into it?!


Culling Spawns are a new system introduced in the most Recent Patch to bring an added level of Organic PvP but also Spawn variety and additional incentive to random Spawns. While we love the base of the system and the purpose it fulfills, we feel specific elements of Culling Spawns needed adjustments to better fill its role in Ravendawn. We very well may have additional adjustments in future patches until we feel it fulfills its role perfectly.

◈ Increased the duration of Culling Spawns from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

◈ Increased the Experience reward scaling upon delivering Culled Eyes ー Now, it is 300% of the previous values.

◈ Reduced the minimum level for a spawn to be triggered from Level 40 to Level 35 (it considers the average level of creatures).

◈ Now up to 4 areas can be activated at the same time (instead of 2), 1 per level range. Following these level ranges: 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 and 65+ (follows the same rule of average level) ーThese cannot happen on the same region.


Aether Stones, while being a valuable side activity through lower levels in Ravendawn, significantly lose their value for the time required and/or difficulty at higher levels. Because of that, we have significantly adjusted the scaling of Aether Stones reward calculation for mid and higher levels.  

We also have more coming to Aether Stones in the future, which will lead to 1v1 and 2v2 PvE + PvP events.

Added confirmation boxes to two interactions during the Story Quest "Raiders of the Wicked Seals" to prevent players from sacrificing an item they actually wanted to keep.

Added map information (Name and Level bracket) to Hogfort, Mirage Oasis, Ruins of Sahan, Chittering Caves and Dras Ashar on Hadarak Desert.

Added Grappling Hook spots to the pirate hideout of Sajecho Island, creating new ways out of the area for players in possession of the item.

The Guild Leadership is now automatically transferred to the oldest player with the highest rank in the Guild if the Leader gets perma banned.

Restriction messages related to bans and perma bans will now display the specific rule (from the Code of Conduct) that was broken/violated.

Extended South Glademire region to the Whispering Fountains, expanding the area eligible for the Rangers Company task related to Elderwood.

Applied adjustments to Chillmane Crag's respawn level information to properly match the creature levels, and changed the level range on Windy Canyon, Abandoned Mines and Shackleshold due to recent respawn expansions on those areas.

Applied adjustments to the Story Quest ''Treasures from the Past'' ー Disabled the possibility to teleport (Ravencrest and Housing) while carrying the relic back to Quentin, as players could effectively skip the task by avoiding damage when teleporting.

From now on, "Ethereal Veils" will be given to any player upon completing the Quests "An Escort to Truce", "An Escort to Bastion" and "An Escort to Defiance" will receive "Ethereal Veils" ー This change aims to finetune the progress through Zephyr Vale Artifacts.


Added sparkles to map items belonging to the Story Quest ''Into the Rising Sun''.

The Story Quest ''Creating Value'' is now properly working when in a Party ー When interacting to gollect the golden statues, the progress is now counting to the players in the Party.

The Story Quest ''Bloodsport'' is now properly progressing upon killing the bosses ー The task was getting stuck when players died when trying to complete it, or due to being with a friend that already had it completed.

The NPC Pit Boss, from the Story Quest ''High Class Hostages'', is now properly allowing players to enter the Area ー The NPC won't block the entrance by saying that the boss was dead while the boss was actually alive.

Players are now able to complete the task from ''High Class Hostages'' upon reaching Galien's Arena.

Players are now able to properly start the Story Quests ''Into the Rising Sun'' (42) and ''Trials of the Dunes'' (36).

The dialogue from the NPC Thorrend, from the Story Quest ''Cold Burial'', is now properly ending after the cutscene.

The Troll Trophy is now being correctly displayed on the wall.

Legendary Fishes can't be stored in the bank anymore.

Legendary Fishes are now properly coming as Soulbound items.

Players can't drop Legendary Fishes when in combat with other players (PvP) anymore.

Legendary Fishes can't be caught on shores anymore ー Instead, it can only be caught in the Ocean, as previously intended.

Breeding interactions are now properly displaying their hover tooltips.

The item "Eau de Berserk" icon is now being properly displayed on the Action Bar.

Dagger's skill bonus is now displaying the correct values on the Buff & Debuff UI ー Before the fix, it was being displayed as 10% Crit Chance instead of 15%, and it was only a visual bug.

The Land Tracker is now being properly updated when deleting crops ー Players won't need to relog or place new crops for it to update.

The Skill points costs for Crippling Dagger and Venemous Weapon are now correct.

The description of the items Small Mortar Cannon, Medium Mortar Cannon and Large Mortar Cannon are now displaying their correct telegraphing time.

The interaction with Milk Tea and Aether Stones is now correctly working ー Instead of reducing the bonus pool upon killing Aether Stone creatures, it will now reduce when destroying the Stone.

The Treasure Chest, from Fishing, is not changing its rarity color (visual only) upon being moved to another slot in the Inventory anymore.

The NPC Ship Builder, in Ravencrest, is now using the correct icons for the following ship part categories: Sails, Cabins, Auxiliary and Cargo.

Infusions coming from North Star Quests rewards are now properly coming as Soulbound.

The function ''Last Login'' is now properly working on the Guild Panel.

Naturalist Mage and Naturalist Praiser won't use melee attacks anymore.

Winterborns now have the correct image in the Rangers Company Board.

The Mindslave Dwarves task (Rangers Company) is not appearing on the Board for players under the level of the creatures anymore.

Djinn's tasks, from Rangers Company, now have the correct highlight (map) around the Levels 67-79.

The Woodcutting Profession passive that increases Experience gained is now properly working on Open World.

Killing someone that is carrying a Tradepack is not giving Infamy anymore (Implemented on March 12th).

Parent Moas that were not being listed as available for breeding anymore will now be available again, and players will be able to start the process normally (Implemented on March 12th).

We are aware of another issues related to Breeding, and the team is already working to address it as soon as possible.

Fixed an issue that was causing players to be wrongly set as Effective Level 0 when syncing in Party.

Fixed an issue with Culled Eyes dropping from creatures at the wrong level range, when there was multiple creatures of the same family in different level ranges nearby the area/region where the Culling Spawn was active.

Fixed an issue in the Transport UI causing it to incorrectly display wrong information when switching characters.

Fixed an issue that was causing players to not cast crosshair skills if the Buff & Debuff UI was positioned on the same area of the screen.

Fixed an issue causing the Moa Builder icon being wrongly displayed on the World Map.

Fixed a typo on Rending Throw (1 Handed Axe) description.

Fixed an issue where that was causing the "arrow" to expand the UI to be improperly displayed at the Housing Editor (Farming/Husbandry/Woodcutting menus).

Fixed Zephyr Vale's 4° Artifact wrongly providing the bonus from the 5° Artifact.

Fixed Giant's Blood's tooltip missing the PT-BR translation.

Fixed missing "F" interactions on skeletons during the Story Quest ''Treacherous Night''.

Fixed an issue causing an allied player being improperly killed at the end of the Arena during the Story Quest ''Bloodsport''.

Fixed an issue causing one of the skills from the creature Venomous Wisp to deal more damage than intended.

Fixed an issue on the dialogues from the NPC Lewett that was causing conflict and getting players stuck on Quests if they were doing multiples Quests that this NPC belongs at the same time, such as:  “Hide and Teeth”, “The Lost Expedition” and “A Tomb of Stone and Ice”.


We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone for the patience and encouragement as we strive to continue bringing more and more exciting updates consistently.  Your feedback and reports are immensely appreciated as we remain dedicated to enhancing the game with every update!

Join our Discord and chat with us ー We look forward to having a good beer in the tavern with you! 🍻