Teaser Tuesday: Challenging Echoes of the Aether

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Welcome to another Teaser Tuesday, Adventurers!


We’re bursting with excitement to unveil another feature from the forthcoming Major Update, designed to inject new thrilling PvP and PvE dynamics into Ravendawn.

Today, our focus is on a new pivotal PvE system, Aether Echoes!



Aether is the foundational force that binds all things in Ravendawn.  Many have tried to harness Aether to serve them over the years, but none could make a direct connection to the “Source”, a long theorized plane of origin for Aether. Everything changed, however, with the appearance of Aether Rifts, now, the Lorekeepers had access to something that originated from this mysterious realm - Aether Echoes.


In our initial teaser for the upcoming update, a new realm of Aether Rift was revealed. We encourage you to revisit the Article here, as it is closely associated with today’s teaser.

In case you only need a swift recap, Aether Rifts are a dynamic 1v1 and 2v2 Arena-Style System, facilitating memorable battles that include both players and monsters. Accessible through a portal, this dimension presents an opportunity for unique challenges. As creatures within the rift are defeated, a powerful boss at its core is awakened. The objective of the Aether Rift is to overcome both the players and the boss, claiming the rewards awaiting those who emerge victorious.

For today’s teaser, our starting point is still within the Aether Rift system:


An Essence From Another Realm

After a victorious clash in Aether Rift, keep a trace of Aether dimension within the cryptic scroll. 

Within the heart of the Aether Rift, a chest will contain a plethora of treasures, among them the prized Aether Echoes. These unstable mercurial scrolls appear to alternate between two dimensions, flickering in and out of reality. 

Driven by the hope to use Aether for the good of mankind, the Lorekeepers of Ravencrest embraced the challenge of using these scrolls to forge a connection between our world and the world from which Aether comes.

What they did not realize was that they had not forged a connection with the source of Aether, but with a mirror reality of our own. One filled with possibilities, yet in which nothing lives. When a door was opened the energies from this reality preyed upon the darkest traits of mankind and brought to life monstrosities that would wreak havoc upon all of Ravendawn had they not been stopped by brave heroes who could then claim their rewards from this alien world.


The Development of Ravencrest

Embark on an adventure in the sprawling city of Ravencrest, and face the challenge set forth by the Lorekeeper to aid in Aether research efforts.


In the newly constructed western district of Ravencrest, the Lorekeeper eagerly anticipates the arrival of four daring individuals bearing an Aether Echo Scroll, ready to confront the otherworldly threat!

Upon handling Aether Echo Scroll, decide on the difficulty level of the boss you'll undertake. Each higher difficulty will not only give the boss additional power, but also access to additional skills and mechanics for players to navigate through. However, with greater risk comes greater rewards!


The Fight Begins!

The arena was supposed to be a testing ground for Aether enthusiasts, yet the confrontations inside are fatally serious!


Challenge Aether Echoes with a party of four players, ideally a Tank, Healer and two Damage Dealers, but how you craft your party for each Aether Boss is up to you!

The difficulties you encounter will be adjusted to match your level, so don't worry - even as early as mid-game you and your friends will be able to test your skills. Our Aether Echo system is designed for a wide range of players! 


Harness the Power of Aether

In the Aether Dimension, myriad puzzles exist, such as the infrequent transformation of summoned bosses into statues. Only the boldest adventurers dare to display such artifacts in their estates.


While Aether Bosses offer a whole new higher level PvE challenge to Ravendawn, they also bring exceptional rewards and new progression for all players, casual & hardcore alike. These will be shared in an upcoming teaser as they tie into other additions coming to Ravendawn in our upcoming Major Update!

That's all for today, and we hope you're excited! For those who made it to the end, we have a treat: even as we await the Major Update, we're continuing to introduce new content. Tomorrow, a patch will be released, introducing new hunting zones for the highest levels, along with other exciting changes! We’re pretty much sure you will like them 😉.

Our largest and most exciting teaser releases next Tuesday… Can any of you Ravendawn detectives already figure out what it’s about?


In the land where guilds amass their might,

A battleground emerges in the night.

Where banners wave and warriors roar,

Victory claims the fort's grand floor.